(sic 106) Culver 12" + 3xC-30 boxset

(sic 116) Body Stress 12"

(sic 117) 'St Valentine's Day' 12" (featuring Wertham, Strom.ec, Josh Lay)

(sic 118) Knurl 12"

(sic 119) Uboa 'The Origin Of My Depression' C-?

(sic 119.5) Uboa special edition

(sic 120) Uboa 'The Sky May Be Covers' C-?

(sic 121) NoDolby 'The Tile Of The Future In The Teeth Of The Past' C-23

(sic 122) V/A 'Night Science VI' (featuring Toshiji Mikawa, Iron Fist Of The Sun, Spiteful Womb, Torba, Purgist, Hostage Pageant & Taeter)
(sic 123) Human Larvae ‘Methods Of Submission II’ C-60

(sic 124) Scar Crowe C-30

(sic 125) Ecce Homo & Miguel Garcia 'Soleil Satan' CD

(sic 126) Gnawed C-30

(sic 127) Hanzo Hasashi 12"

(sic 128) Regosphere CD

(sic 129) Licht-Ung C-44

(sic 130) Un Regard Froide 'Acceleration' CD/C-?

(sic 131) Jonathan Canady C-62
(sic 132) Mo*te & Worth split C-30
(sic 133) God Is War 'Cosmic Camouflage' C-30
(sic 134) Kadaver C-40
(sic 135) Utoya 'Lay Down And Rot' C-40

(sic ??) Torba C-?
(sic ??) J. Adolphe C-?

(sic ??) Ecclestiacal Scafolding C-?

(sic ??) brb>voicecoil CD & C-?

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