Thursday, 25 June 2020

New releases finally available, with updates across the site:

(sic 120) Mo*Te & Worth C-30

New split cassette from two harsh noise artists who should need no introduction. Mo*Te has been spawning unsettled harsh noise from Saitama, Japan, since the mid-1990s, a unique voice even among the abundance of artists of the time. Since resurrecting Mo*Te in 2012 Fumiyuki Nagura has continued in that same turgid style with intermittent cassette releases and also had his early work compiled by Industrial Recollections and Audio Dissection for a 2019 boxset. His two tracks here are especially mean, a malignancy coursing through the material for a focus and frustration unlike any previous work.

Worth adds another collection of splayed and restless noise to Will VanGorder’s impressive discography, after recent releases on Total Black and Nefarious Activities. There’s an immediate connection to Fumiyuki’s own motivations and tendencies, the tracks never shaking their debt to the mid-1990s noise underground, lingering melancholia, and the tension between creator and equipment.

Edition of 75 copies, packaged in mesh, wire and printed parts as my tribute to the Mo*Te/Cracksteel ‘Brain Storm’ cassette released by Fumiyuki Nagura’s Uncut label in 1996, one of many amazing packaging works the label crafted.
Edition of 75 copies in a semi-transparent sleeve of cut-and-paste artwork, ziplock-bagged.

(sic 118) Uboa The Origin Of My Depression & The Sky May Be C-42 + C-30

‘The Sky May Be’ and ‘The Origin Of My Depression’ are the most recent full-length recordings by Melbourne’s Uboa, finally available on this double cassette set released by Cipher Productions.

‘The Sky May Be’ is “a work about poverty, sex, anxiety and love", an overpowering record that slips between dreamy ambience and nightmarish caverns of harsh noise. The record rattles with a sense of instability from start to finish – song structures are freeform and unbound by chorus or verse, harsh elements attack at random yet land perfectly, and it’s rare that any single track can be summed up as solely ambient or noise. The sum of the music is a feeling that pushes sound and mind to its limits, reaping new forms of terror and weakness as the seconds pass by.

‘The Origin Of My Depression’ moves beyond Uboa’s expert ambient and harsh noise craftings to explore elements of shoegaze and found sound, but without ever losing its identity as a craft and highly evocative harsh noise record. theneedledrop describes the release as “a ‘cerebral dive’ into Xandra's most negative and intense feelings of being a transgender woman... via ‘intense feelings of abandonment... expressed through intense soundscapes... and walls of distortion’, culminating in a wide expanse of styles and soundscapes.

Both releases feature extended artwork.  The first 25 copies are packaged in a surgical dish with a an individually numbered printed cloth cover, while the remaining 50 copies are packaged in a double-sided cloth and photograph cover, in a ziplock bag.

(sic 116) Un Regard Froid Accélération CD

Inhumanist Singularity Electronics.

Accélération is the second full-length by Quebec-based project Un Regard Froid. Pure accelerated devotion to cyberschizophrenic deterritorialization. Celebrating machinic impulses and void lust. Injecting propergol and the ashes of economists.

Edition of 100 copies in a printed box, with a 16 page booklet of expositive artwork.

(sic 106) Culver The Razor And Deceit 12" + 3xC-40 boxset

Eight sides of ashen drone from British mainstay Lee Stokoe, covering a lathe-cut LP and three cassettes. Singular tones, melodic memories, extended techniques and raw electronics are all subsumed into the drone vortex, smothered by Culver’s billowing drones and electronics dustcloud. After a heft of releases on his own Matching Head label, At War With False Noise and Turgid Animal, and an extended reach into the experimental underground, I’m very pleased to present this release as an extended study of Culver’s central capabilities.

Limited edition of only 20 copies, special packaging.  Currently only 8 copies are for sale, the remainder will be listed at a future date.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

I'm home after almost a month away; the webstore is operational again.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Now available:

(sic 109) Actuary 'Last Thing' C-12

Active in the noise underground since the turn of the decade, Actuary is a multi-driver vehicle for mining both the far reaches of space and the raw dirt of this earth, the project sharing stages and recordings with some of the cream of the noise-making talent currently operating in our humble world.

‘Last Thing’’s first mission reaches for the edge of the universe until the fuel runs out, the burn of expanding particles leaving a solar scorch to the window and a glare to the astral landscape; the second brings that crash landing into an earthly mix of horror house motif and crooked door creak, staccato electronics, samples, and subterranean noise.

‘Last Thing’ is packaged in hand-assembled and painted boxes with a wire cutout and collage artwork, and is limited to 50 copies. 

(sic 114) Blackfire 'Blackfire' C-30

Blackfire is the collaborative project of Wyatt Howland (best known for his work as Skin Graft, but also the black heart of about 30 other Cleveland projects) and Andrew Kirschner (long-time experimental raconteur, and also a tentacled contributor to the Cleveland scene), a blurred vision of urban decay which finds a middle ground between Wyatt’s noise misanthropy and Andrew’s dissociative experimental manipulations. Found sound, filthy noise, late night unease, and backlot malaise all coalesce in the duo’s firs release in four years, ‘Blackfire’.

Edition of 75 copies in a semi-transparent sleeve of cut-and-paste artwork.

(sic 115) Hostage Pageant & The Cherry Point & Kazuma Kubota CD

Sometimes you have to think big, and when I was finally able to release an unearthed The Cherry Point recording I saw no option but to pair Phil Blankenship’s long-form maelstromic exhumation with two of the finest contemporary noise-makers: Hostage Pageant’s body tackling harsh noise, and the dynamic finesse and laser cut-up precision of Kazuma Kubota. It’s been a long time in the making, but I am so very proud of the chance to work with these artists, and release this material.

Three artists across 53 minutes, CD in an edition of 200 copies with artwork by Jonathan Canady.

The webstore continues to be expanded with titles, and more on the way. Current Cipher projects-in-the-works include the long-awaited Culver LP/3 cassette boxset, Human Larvae 'Methods Of Submission II' cassette, a Mo*Te/Worth split tape, and more!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Now available:

(sic 112) Hum Of The Druid 'The Conservative Road Beyond The Bizarre' C-56

(sic 113) Anakrid  'Ugly/Pretty' 7"

Umpio & 'Permutable Schema' 2xCD

More releases very soon from Kazuma Kubota, The Cherry Point, Hostage Pageant, Blackfire and Actuary.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Now available:

(sic 94) K2 'Spiral Short Circuit' 12"

(sic 102) Kjostad  'Ice In, Ice Out' C-30

(sic 110) Bizarre Uproar 'For Night Science' one-sided C-60

(sic 111) Sickness 'Purgatory' CD

Strong webstore updated too, with more on the way!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Available today:

(sic 100) Ulex Xane 'Stances / Semblance' CD

(sic 107) SK.MV 'Slow Death' CD

(sic 108) Entre Vifs 'The Harvest' C-32

The webstore has also undergone a massive update.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Small but special mailorder update just posted.  I'm intend to move away from Storenvy given their fees (which are currently being largely absorbed by a reduction to my postal charges); if you want to order feel free to get in contact direct.