Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Available today:

(sic 100) Ulex Xane 'Stances / Semblance' CD

(sic 107) SK.MV 'Slow Death' CD

(sic 108) Entre Vifs 'The Harvest' C-32

The webstore has also undergone a massive update.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Small but special mailorder update just posted.  I'm intend to move away from Storenvy given their fees (which are currently being largely absorbed by a reduction to my postal charges); if you want to order feel free to get in contact direct.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

N. 'Unworthy' 10"

(sic 104) N. Unworthy 10" is now available.

I’m extremely pleased to offer this new vinyl release from N., a project weaned on the legendary Slaughter Productions before carving its name into the papery skin of the industrial underbelly for the last two decades.

Unworthy harks back to the nosocomephobia of Hospital Murders and Autofagia, its unsettling synthesizer lines realising a harrowing picture of blood-spotted hallways, crumbling infrastructure and patient distress. Unworthy is N. in its most evocative and fear-fuelled state.

10” vinyl pressed in an edition of 100 copies, with printed fabric covers.

Masturbatory Dysfunction 'Water Bondage' C-30

(sic 101) Masturbatory Dysfunction Water Bondage C-30 is now available.
Water Bondage treads a fine line between Masturbatory Dysfunction's static constructs and Felicia's darker clouds of smogged finesse, its 30 minutes carefully layering and tightening streams of smothering industrial noise with no permitted alleviation. Its tracks choke with insistence, and seem to be realised from a state of oxygen-less semi-consciousness and inhibition.

Edition of 75 copies comes in an A5 ziplock bag with double-sided collage artwork from Luke Holland (Trapdoor Tapes), accompanied by some rope and netting for added inspiration.

White Walls & Inhibition 'Traumata' C-40

(sic 105) White Walls & Inhibition Traumata split C-40 is now available.

The UK's Keith Mitchell has been not-so-quietly exploring the recesses of medical trauma and clandestine experimentation through a constantly shifting interaction of power electronics, noise and death industrial released largely on his own Reverse Records label.

This cassette finds two of Keith's projects taking a side for a single extended piece: grainy lab experiments, Schimpfluch-inspired bump-in-the-night, shadowy synth invocations, and fissures of troubled dialogue, all smeared heavily in horror movie know how.

Edition of 50 copies in layered handmade packaging comprising a slipcase, nitrile glove and lacey garter.

Anla Courtis & Yoshihiro Kikuchi 'Inflatable Tokyo Sun' C-56

(sic 103) Yoshihiro Kikuchi & Anla Courtis Inflatable Tokyo Sun C-50 is now available.

First released for Anla Courtis' show in Yokohama, Japan on 4 March 2018, the remaining copies are now available.

Inflatable Tokyo Sun pits two distinctly different experimental warriors against each other, guitar drone and cloudy ambience meeting a maelstrom of digital error, glitch electronics and sandpapering noise. Emotions run riot; your stuff gets ruined; the view at the window is calm; you recover, but still with a twitch.

Edition of 75 copies in A6 full colour sleeves designed by Yoshihiro. Sound samples and ordering information at the relevant links.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

New website

The announcement of four new releases coincides with a streamlined new website: one that is easier for me to maintain, and hopefully both more frequently updated and more interactive.